Joker The Man Who Stopped Laughing #7 Cover E Tom King April Fools Variant

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Following his explosive plans last issue, The Joker has turned L.A. into a war zone and worn out his welcome. He makes plans to leave and head back to Gotham to settle some unfinished business there, but discovers the City of Angels' darkest secret: nobody gets out easily. Now he must choose--face the manhunt or the Manhunter. Yes, you read that correctly. King the writer of Danger Street, Human Target, Mister Miracle, and more will make his official debut as a DC cover artist, in a move befitting the holiday. In order to preserve the April Fools Day fun, DC will not reveal King s artwork for these covers before the books arrive in shops but if you ve seen any of the sketches he s posted on social media over the years, you likely have a pretty good idea of what to expect!

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