Danger Street #5 (Of 12) Cover C Tom King April Fools Card Stock Variant (Mature)

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What does a small-town murder have to do with the mysteries of the Multiverse? Lady Cop is on the case, but time is running out! Gods from beyond the stars are battling over the boy who could save all their lives, the Manhunter is stalking his prey, and, meanwhile, the Dingbats are tired of waiting for answers...and they're about to take revenge into their own hands! Yes, you read that correctly. King the writer of Danger Street, Human Target, Mister Miracle, and more will make his official debut as a DC cover artist, in a move befitting the holiday. In order to preserve the April Fools Day fun, DC will not reveal King s artwork for these covers before the books arrive in shops but if you ve seen any of the sketches he s posted on social media over the years, you likely have a pretty good idea of what to expect!

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