Untold Dinosaur Tales #2: Camp Chaos! (Lego Jurassic World)

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Dinosaurs, action-packed adventure, and laugh-out-loud fun fill this all-new LEGO Jurassic World chapter book series! With small, quick dinosaurs on the loose, the big T. rex causing trouble, and a boss who loves surprises, Owen, Claire, and the bumbling Asset Containment Unit have their hands full keeping all the dinosaurs and guests at Jurassic World safe. With action-packed illustrations throughout, this engaging chapter book features fun-filled stories that are perfect for LEGO Jurassic World fans and kids ages 6 to 9 who love dinosaurs. Look out for these other great books: LEGO Jurassic World : Daring Dinosaur Adventures! Untold Dinosaur Tales #1: Dangerous Eggs-pedition! (LEGO Jurassic World )

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