Narwhal & Jelly Hardcover Graphic Novel Volume 07 Narwhalicorn And Jelly

Sale price$12.99


When Jelly wonders what a unicorn is, Narwhal explains that they're pretty much narwhals of the land (!) - and then gets carried away with a grand plan to see one. With the help of Star, Narwhal's wish comes true in the wildest, weirdest way: Narwhal gets some land legs and takes their first step ashore. After some wibble-wobbling, Narwhal is soon galloping along in search of unicorns. Before they know it, Star has the duo blasting off to a magical planet where everyone is a unicorn! But Jelly's out-of-this-world adventure makes him feel out of his comfort zone, and he wishes he were at home. Can Narwhal cheer Jelly up and also party down with their new unicorn pals?

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