X-Men X-Verse TPB Wolverine

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In the uncanny X-Verse, he's the best there is at what he does! Join Wolverine on his wildest adventures! When Professor X tasks Logan with taking new student Kitty Pryde under his wing, neither of them is happy about the arrangement - but they'll need to work together to survive the experience! But does Wolverine's future lie with the X-Men? Or back with his old team, Alpha Flight? Why is he going undercover wearing an eyepatch?! And shouldn't Logan be teaching Kitty valuable lessons, rather than trying to take her apart? Plus: Logan teams up with the young heroes of Power Pack for a fight at the museum against the winged menace Sauron! Collecting WOLVERINE: FIRST CLASS #1, #5, #17 and #21; and WOLVERINE AND POWER PACK #1.

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