The Incredible Hulk - Vol. 1 #108

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(Book has a detached middle page but not missing.)


"Monster Triumphant"

When trying to trap the Hulk in quicksand fails, the Mandarin manages to capture the Hulk in a glass dome and knock him out with gas, then fits him with a control device in order to use him as a pawn to attack Chinese interests in the hopes that the Chinese government would blame the United States and spark World War III, so that the super-powers in question would wipe each other out leaving the stage open for the Mandarin to take over.

Meanwhile, Nick Fury and Yuri Brevlov (with the help of Tony Stark) learn that the Mandarin is behind the Hulk's attack on Chinese weapons. Attacking the Mandarin at his base, Fury and Brevlov destroy the device that is controlling the Hulk. Furious, the Hulk bounds back to the Mandarin's castle and begins to attack all present. During the battle the Hulk causes the Mandarin's castle to fall apart, but Fury and Brevlov manage to escape.

With the Mandarin defeated, the Hulk walks away trying to sort out where he should go next.

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