Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths #5 (Of 7) Cover C Mateus Manhanini Identity Crisis Homage Card Stock Variant

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WAR AT THE HALL OF JUSTICE! After the shocking events of the last issue, Pariah has won. And now his Dark Army is poised for the invasion of our world. It's up to the Titans to rally the remaining heroes to defeat Deathstroke's ever-growing forces and avert total destruction! An epic war starts on the steps of the Hall of Justice, and only a miracle could help the heroes now. But all hope is not lost, as the worlds without a Justice League have begun to loosen their grip...but can the heroes return to Earth if it means one member of the Justice League could be lost forever? For every 50 copies of each of the seven Homage covers ordered (350 copies total), retailers will be able to order one copy of the Dark Crisis #7 George Perez Birthday Celebration Foil Variant Cover for free.

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