Local Comic Shop Day Batman & The Joker The Deadly Duo #1 Foil Card Stock Variant

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The Joker will go to any lengths to get Harley Quinn back after she is abducted by a strange culprit. But who? Mysterious, Joker-like monsters are stalking the streets of Gotham, collecting severed heads. But why? Jim Gordon is missing, and after receiving a package containing a bloody piece of Gotham's commissioner, Batman knows he must be willing to do anything to save him. But how? When The Joker proposes an uneasy alliance with Batman, the answers to those questions begin to become clear--and they will shake Gotham City and the Bat-Family to their core. This meticulously crafted tale of the Dark Knight's deadliest team-up will introduce you to a grim and gritty Gotham that only Marc Silvestri could bring you. The comics industry celebrates this year s Local Comic Shop Day on Wednesday, November 23, and will commemorate the occasion with an exclusive new version of Batman & The Joker: The Deadly Duo #1 by Marc Silvestri featuring Silvestri s art presented in stunning black-and-white, along with a foil cover!

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