Mighty Marvel Masterworks: Doctor Strange Vol. 2: The Eternity War (Trade Paperback)

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Collects Strange Tales (1951) #130-146 And The Amazing Spider-Man Annual (1964) #2. First, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko introduced the Master of the Mystic Arts. Now, in this second Mighty Marvel Masterworks volume they make him a legend. The Eternity Saga is a multi-part adventure that many consider it be one of the greatest Marvel stories of all time. In it, Baron Mordo gains new power from the dread Dormammu, so much power that he strikes down the Ancient One and forces Doctor Strange to go on the run. As Strange races across the globe and into new dimensions, he seeks the aid of the all-encompassing Eternity. The epic conclusion pits Strange against Dormammu with the lives of Clea and the Ancient One in the balance. Also featuring Doctor Strange/Spider-Man iconic team-up!

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